Hello all!

Hi there! I want to explain a few things first…I initially started this blog when I thought I was pregnant. (I was, but then miscarried due to a “blighted ovum”). I decided to keep the blog and update family and friends on our infertility progress and our exciting (okay, borderline boring) lives!

Infertility is a growing issue that is affecting many women, and if I can help someone by sharing my experiences, I’d be delighted. I have learned so much through others that have shared their own experiences with me, that I feel I should “pay it forward.” I hope you keep reading and I promise not to be too depressing!


3 responses to “Hello all!

  1. Hi! Just thought I’d leave you a comment…let you know that you aren’t writing to no one and I’ll try and keep up with ya 😀

    If you’d like a list of some great blogs (if you don’t know) there is a great list on lostandfoundandconnectionsabound.blogspot.com… I know its a long address and in case I got it wrong– its the first link on my blogroll 😀

  2. Pleased to meet you.
    I hope things go well for you
    Sending you positive fertility vibes

  3. Thank you! I will take all the fertility vibes I can get!

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