Monthly Archives: March 2008

I am married to this!

Can you believe it?! His friends put on an annual golf tourney at a local golf course and it’s far from your ordinary golf tournament. This tournament involves lots of beer, wigs, best dressed contest, and this year…a real mustache contest! (Thank goodness my hubby didn’t partake in the mustache contest!) Now, I just need to erase this image from my head!!!




Let the waiting game begin…

Now we just try to not dwell on the outcome of our efforts these past 2 weeks and just wait.  I am saying my prayers and crossing everything that I can cross! Thanks for the well wishes and prayers sent our way!

1 Samuel 1:27  “For this child I prayed and the Lord has granted me my petition which I asked of him.”

Mother Nature was a b**ch last night…

All week long the weathermen were totally wrong in their forcasts, but of course they were spot on for Friday’s forecast…rain at 6:00PM. The engagement party started at 7:30 and the drizzle started at 6:30 and continued throughout the night. Despite the weather, I think everyone had a good time! I think the house looked great, and I am thankful for the shove to do some much needed yard work!




Thank goodness that the Texas game was on to distract people from the drizzle. (Disclaimer: Gary’s friends don’t usually have mustaches…it is for the real mustache contest for the golf tournament!)



Tank and Vader were troopers!!!


When it rains, it pours…

Although it is gorgeous outside, it is pouring…everything is being crammed into THIS week! I just knew this was going to happen!

Monday-school meeting then rush to acupuncture

Tuesday-leave school early for follicle sonogram, then head back to school

Wednesday-field trip, meeting after school, run errands for Friday’s shower

Thursday- report cards go home, Open House at school 6-7 and follicle sonogram at 6:15 (I know, I can’t be in 2 places at once, so…no Open House for me) I am guessing I’ll give myself the trigger shot tonight, prep for Friday’s shower.

Friday-hosting shower at our house which begins at 7:30 (guessing I’ll have an IUI scheduled at some point, hopefully not during the shower!)

Saturday-Gary’s playing in a golf tourney (guessing 2nd IUI will take place early afternoon…don’t know how we are gonna swing this one!!!)

Sunday-collapse and do nothing

The DR said that my estrogen jumped quite a bit, and I am hoping that is the cause of my emotional breakdowns this week! At least, I am blaming it on that!

I may be venting a bit, but I am totally committed to this and to making it work! This is just one heck of a week!

Hoppy Easter, everybunny!

What cute little bunnies! Tank and Vader are such good sports and let mommy dress them up and take pictures!


I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter weekend!

Ahh, Spring!

The grass is turning green, the birds are chirping…how can you not love this time of year! We were super busy on Saturday getting ready for a shower that we are helping host next Friday…at our house. I have to say that I think the house looks great! We planted new flowers in the front and back and it is very inviting! Check it out for yourself!!



Let the shots begin…

I had my first sonogram this morning to check for any cysts and such and all was well! Whew!

Meet my friend for the next 2 weeks…fun times.


I officially started my second round of shots tonight.


Oh and get this…so they called with my dosage today and to schedule my next sonogram. Just last night I was telling Gary that I knew I would be at the doctors office on Easter and…lo and behold, I’ll be there at 10am Easter morning. The reason I knew this was because I spent Thanksgiving and Christmas at the doctors office too! Don’t forget…weekends and holidays are 20% more!!!! But it is all worth it in the end!!!!!!!!!!