Monthly Archives: March 2008

Feeling lucky this St. Patricks day? Not I.


Cycle day 1…Round 2 of shots/IUI…Negative, notta, nope, not this month…gimme some of that green beer (if I only liked beer!) Needless to say, au naturale did not work for us last month, so we are off to start our medicated cycle this month. Please, please let this work.


How does your garden grow?

We are hosting an engagement party in a couple of weeks, so we are wanting to fix up the yard a bit. Daddy took it a little too far and turned our boxwoods into short trees by trimming them waaaaaaay too much from the bottom up. This weekend we were trying to remedy his landscaping mishap with the addition of some spanish lavender! I have since forgiven him, but requested that he do future landscaping projects when I am there to help/observe.

Before pic:


Tank and Vader joined in the fun and gave us their treasured opinion!



After pic will come…it is still a work in progress!

Tank and Vader’s new cousin…it’s a girl!

Joe and Angela got Tank and Vader a new cousin…a girl puggle.  She is precious and her name is…to be determined! More excitement is to come as they are also getting her a black pug brother! What an exciting weekend! I can not wait to meet them when we go see them in April!


While daddy’s away, we will play….

T & V have kept mommy company while daddy enjoyed playing in Vegas for a bachelor party! I just thought this picture was so cute cuz they are in the same position…img_0292a.jpg

Spring Break ’08!!

Blakeley and I spent Spring Break together!  We went for a stroll around the hood, hung out with her “friends”(aka wall stickers), sang and danced, and had great conversations.  It was a blast!


Thanks Mom and Dad!

Thanks for another great visit!  I love you!


Happy early birthday!!

I went to hang out with Julia before I left and took her an early birthday present! She is gonna be a big 1 year old! When I walked in she had a purse in her hands and that is what I was giving her…another purse! A girl can never have too many purses or shoes! She is just the cutest!  It was great fun playing with her and I hope to see everyone in NOLA very soon!