Vaccine/Autism debate


The mystery of Autism continues and it is becoming more and more visible in the media. I am a special education teacher and have taught many students with Autism, so I am very interested in this debate. I know it is a very contoversial topic and respect a parent’s decision, but want to share the information.

I can not say what I will do when I have children of my own (vaccinate/not vaccinat/delay vaccination) because I am still researching. Jenny McCarthy was on Larry King Live talking about the onset of Autism with her son, Evan. There were also medical professionals offering their opinions on vaccines in relation to Autism. Unfortunately, I did not catch the entire show, just this clip on

Here is a small clip of how heated the debate got…I encourage you to watch the above link rather than this short clip.

Additional links:

Autism Speaks

Autism Research Institute


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