Strike 2.

Round 2 of the shots/IUI did not work.  Cycle day 22 turns to Cycle day 1…my shortest cycle ever.  Gonna have to talk to doc about this one.

Third times a charm?  I sure hope so.


5 responses to “Strike 2.

  1. 3rd time’s the charm! Still praying!

  2. It will be worth it all later and this will be a distant memory. When you get covered in baby poop, you will laugh about the journey to get there.

  3. Ugh Iam sorry, Here’s hopeing that round 3 does the trick!

  4. I know how you are feeling. Try, try again. Remember….I got pregnant on my 5th IUI! You are getting so close! Don’t give up!

  5. Sorry it didn’t work 😦 Am keeping my fingers crossed for you xxx

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