Monthly Archives: May 2008

Schools out for summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made it! Here’s to a relaxing, but getting busier by the minute, 2 months…


A little sex ed…

Okay, not really, but though this was pretty funny! Where was YouTube when we were in school? I found this on a fellow infertile’s blog and thought I’d share!

This is what I hope is happening right now! Settle in little ones!

I have certainly learned more than I ever thought I would about the female reproductive system through this process!

Hang on little tomato(s)…

The 2ww (2 week wait) has officially begun! I believe this is the hardest part…looking for any sign that I might be pregnant, wanting so desperately to pee on a stick and knowing it is way too early, trying to relax and let them settle in, and hoping that AF has taken a leave of absence.

I had my “hang on little tomato” acupuncture treatment today. She thought that a treatment to help them through the fallopian tube was the way to go today. And gosh, I am not a napper but every time I go in for a treatment, I end up drifting off…it is THAT relaxing!

I start progesterone tonight (not the shots)…many of you know, but it is not a pleasant experience!

Hoping for the best!

Memorial Day festivities.

Sarah and Brant were gracious hosts for this year’s Memorial Festivities. We grilled out and played with Blakeley! It was a great family fun day!

Uncle Ryan and Blakeley…blue eyed buddies!

The cooks!

Our entertainment…

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy birthday to my incredibly wonderful dad! I love you!

Blakeley is really becoming quite the foodie!

We celebrated with a superlicious dinner at Z-Tejas!

It’s a BOY!!!

I can’t wait to meet this little boy! Ashley, one of my best friends in New Orleans is pregnant and due mid July. This week they shared these amazing 4D images of their little angel!!

In this image, I think he looks like his momma!

Visitors from Birmingham….

Allison, Laine and Keat came in town this weekend and we got to visit over a yummy Maudies Dinner!

It was great to see them and Laine kept impressing us with her words and pure cuteness!