A very special honor…

Tonight I was honored as Eanes Elementary Teacher of the Year. WOW…Who woulda thought!

I am very honored to be chosen and so grateful to work with such an incredible and supportive staff.

I am still counting down the days till summer…15 1/2!!!!!!!!!!!!

The teacher in the orange dress next to me was named District Teacher of the Year and has to give a speech next year at convocation…I can’t say I was not relieved when her name was called (and not mine)!  Congratulations to her, she is very deserving!


2 responses to “A very special honor…

  1. I am SO PROUD of you, Suzanne! Teachers make such a difference, and you truly make a huge impact on each of the students that you teach! What an awesome accomplishment! 🙂

    P.S. We missed you at Bunko – however we will accept this as an excused absence! 🙂

  2. Shuz, I am so proud of you! What an honor!

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