The 2ww.

By now, after 2 years of trying and many different medical interventions, the shots, sonograms, and bloodwork is all second nature. The 2ww, however, never gets any easier. The anticipation of the unknown is unbearable.  I am so tempted to take a HPT before the blood test, but have not thus far! You think every little thing is a pregnancy symptom…a yawn=exhaustion, a burp=reflux, sore boobs, emotional rollercoaster, etc!

Each day that goes by with no sign of AF is a huge relief.  So right now, no news is good news!

I am trying to stay busy and keep my mind off of it, but geez it is hard! I had another “hang on little tomato” acupuncture treatment today…once again I fell into a deep sleep! Ahh!


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