Time to think…

We met with the doc today for a day 3 baseline sonogram and to discuss options for our next step.  After the sonogram, we now have time to think about our next step thanks to a Hemorrhagic cyst. Yep, back on birth control pills.  Here are our options:


  • continue with injectibles and IUI (and possibly develop more cycsts after failed cycle)
  • 30 % chance of pregnancy
  • fraction of cost of IVF


  • 60% chance of pregnancy
  • more intensive
  • more expensive

We have homework…we left with a packet to read about IVF. We will meet for a consult on July 7th.  What to do what to do?????????


One response to “Time to think…

  1. Hi Suzanne,
    Thanks for the kind comment on my blog! I’m popping over to see what you’re all about…and I see you and your hubby are on quite the journey! I hope you don’t mind me following you on your journey here… Such a ride IF is. Many friends have battled with this and I feel as though I am personally very attached to this subject. I have worked in the the RE field and I’m also a ‘retired’ L&D nurse… So if you need help, have questions… Let me know… I’m sure I can help, or at least lead you in the right direction!!
    Thanks for popping by!!

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