I am moving to Gloucester…

Okay, not really but you may have heard this story…17 girls at Gloucester High are pregnant. Again, I am annoyed. How can these unwed teens get pregnant on purpose or accidentally and I can’t even with medical intervention. What are these girls thinking? Maybe they should have gone on Baby Borrowers first???

Maybe they will let me be part of their pact??


2 responses to “I am moving to Gloucester…

  1. I saw this story on CNN yesterday. It is really sad that these girls think that having a baby will mean that “they finally have someone to love them.” Serious underlying problems and a baby is sure not going to make it easier. And there’s a reason why they can get pregnant so easy- they’re young and fertile!

  2. haha, see what I’m saying? Maybe they should have watched Baby Borrowers and thought twice before getting knocked up by a 24 yo homeless guy.

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