The latest reality show…Baby Borrowers.

When I saw a commercial for the latest reality TV show, Baby Borrowers, I was annoyed.

As the social experiment begins, the five young volunteer couples are asked to literally grow up overnight when they are each given a home in a quiet cul-de-sac outside Boise, Idaho and attend pre-natal classes as each “mother” wears a simulated “empathy” belly to prepare them for the arrival of their “baby.”

When a real baby (all aged six-11 months old) appears at their door — courtesy of five pairs of real volunteer parents (some of whom were teen parents themselves) who entrust their infants to one of the couples — the nervous, fumbling teens are in for three long, arduous days that make chilling out a distant memory. They must stick to rigid routines, handle the feeding chores, diaper duty and crying jags that might be shared by baby and teens — all the while under 24-hour supervision by nannies and the real parents who are stationed next door, watching via monitor, and able to step in at any time. Plus, one teen from each of the couples must start a job, ranging from working in a local vet’s office to a lumberyard, leaving the other alone as caregiver for the day.

After three surprising, intense days, each teen couple will bid bye-bye to the baby and receive a toddler as their fast-forward adult life progresses. NBC

After reading what this show is about, I have mixed feelings. On one hand I think it is great to show how much work having a child is, but would you volunteer your child? On the other hand, I feel it is not reality…they are setting the teens up for failure (maybe that is their goal?) As a teacher, I understand that it takes more than 3 days to get to know a child (their behaviors, routines, their likes/dislikes, what sets them off, etc), then they get a new child in a completely different age level. Just bizarre.

Will you tune in?  Jury is still out in my house…


8 responses to “The latest reality show…Baby Borrowers.

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  2. I’m not sure what I think of this one either. I might take a peak. I’m totally convinced though that these reality TV shows blow things out of proportion in order to make their show seem more interesting. I’ve talked to some hairdressers that were on that reality show where stylists switch jobs and go to a salon in a different area of the country. The stylists at my salon said they were told they had to “talk bad about” the new girl and if they wanted the show to be on TV they had to make it look good. I also found out a lot of the things they said on film ended up being taken out of context and such. Makes me not want to believe a thing I see on reality TV.

  3. I think the timing for this could not be better. With teen Jamie Lynn just having her child and the MA pregnancy pact, teens these days need to disassociate the romanticism with parenting. Sure, it can be a great thing but they have no idea the amount of work. this show should be commended for trying to make a statement

  4. I definitely am going to watch. It’s NBC, nothing’s going to happen to the kids. It’s a network, i’m sure they have every safety precaution in place. i’m just looking forward to being entertained and it’s a pretty cool social experiment. i’ve been watching video clips on nbc’s site, here’s the link if anyone else wants to,

  5. I feel as though NBC would be sure to have every safety precaution in place. I think it will be entertaining and i am sure it will be educational for many. I am looking forward to June 25 at 9pm.

  6. I’ll definitely check it out. Seems much more positive than most reality shows, or non reality shows for that matter. Anything that can also spark discussion is never a bad thing, and there seems to be a LOT of discussion about this.

  7. Hopefully it will help to educate young people!

  8. I can’t wait to see what all the controversy is about! I too help it educates. Wouldn’t that be nice….if the media actually educated! I think it is on tomorrow at 9pm on NBC.

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