Monthly Archives: July 2008

Tank’s tricks!!!

Tank and Vader have very different personalities.  Vader is content if he is snuggled in someones lap! Tank loves to play fetch, chews on a nyla bone all the time, and watches TV! Yep, she totally watches TV from the couch or from the end of our bed…and she is quite the critic when it comes to other animals on the tube!

Here’s my little ballerina while watching “America’s Greatest Dog”…

What do you think? Would she make it on “So You Think You Can Dance?”


The 2ww begins NOW…

I am sperminated! Thanks to Allison, we know have a name for that golden egg…Tankerez! So we are hoping that Tankerez settles in for the long haul!

The 2 IUI’s went smoothly (just a little cramping for about 15 minutes afterwards).  The big follicle had released…how do we know you ask? Well, it was no longer on the screen and there was a little slit looking spot in its place.  I am really getting good at reading the screen…I can pick out follicles and uterine lining with the best of them!!

I’ve got a little confession to make…I LOVE the smell of the soap at the docs office.  It definitely has that medical smell, but I like it.  I know it is weird, but I always wash my hands before I leave, even if I do not have to! They just smell so clean!  Call me crazy, I don’t care!

Also, I splurged a bit today…there was a new cupcake place next door to my salon and I went in there to check it out and the temptation was too much…I bought one.  Gary and I can celebrate the end of this medicated cycle and hopefully the beginning of a new life! Yummy!!! (I just hope I can wait until Gary gets home)

This thing is so cool!

I can’t believe I am blogging from the salon with my iPhone! I just downloaded the wordpress app and posting while highlights are setting! I feel so tech savvy!

Also, I met Blakeley and Sarah for a super sale at a baby store…she got some cute things!



This is so cute! It totally reminds me of how Tank and Vader snuggle! So amazing…I would buy a dog from this guy any day!

It’s a go…finally!

The token follicle has reached 22! So we are ready to roll…Trigger shot tonight and IUI’s Tuesday and Wednesday!

After reviewing my follicle #’s, I noticed that the straggler follies measurements varied from day to day (went up and down in size).  As I would expect them to grow, I was unsure why they might get smaller.  So I asked…he said that the sono is not precise and the follicles vary from day to day.  And that the only one we are really needing to focus on is the big one!  Just wanted to share in case you have the same question!

The token follicle…

So it looks like there is really only going to be one strong candidate to be released this go round.  I was hoping for a few or at least a couple of good ones, but hopefully this is THE ONE! Oh, I pray that it is.

Today’s stats:

  • Left: 19.5 , 9
  • Right: 12, 11, 10
  • Lining: 9.1

I get to go back tomorrow at 7:00 AM for another check! It is super early, but I’ll get to see my doc before he leaves town! He is now thinking Tues/Wed IUI.  Anyway, stay tuned!

My prediction was way off…

This is why I am not a doc…My prediction was way off.  No IUI’s this weekend (no 20% surcharge either)!

Here are the latest stats:

  • Right: 14, 12, 12
  • Left: 17.5, 11
  • Estrogen: 328
  • Lining: 8.2

POA: Go back Sunday for another check.  He is thinking that I’ll do trigger Sunday night. So tonight’s dosage is 112.5 and Saturday’s is 75.  He is increasing it a bit to hopefully help the 14 catch up.