Our consult appt…

ROCKED!!!  G and I went to our consult appt with our doc and left feeling very educated and knowledgeable. I am so glad we decided to meet with him…he went through every cycle all the way back to Clomid cycles with my OBGYN.  We looked at sperm analysis from every cycle, details of my medicated cycles and much more.  He explained everything to us in terms that I actually understood. What we discovered…

Our official diagnosis:

  • Stage 2-3 Endo (we knew this already)
  • Luteal Phase defect (short luteal phase even with progesterone)
  • Mild-Moderate Male Factor (was not aware of this before today…now doing further testing)

What is our next step?

He thinks since injectable/IUI cycle proved to work for us the first time (blighted ovum), that we should not count it out yet.  So we are going to give it another try and he is going to push me further (meaning wait a bit longer until the follicle is a little bigger) and then start taking progesterone GEL as opposed to the creamy suppositories.    We came to this conclusion after comparing all 3 medicate cycles:

  • #1 triggered at follicle size 21=pregnant with blighted ovum
  • #2 triggered at follicle size 19, 20=BFN (Big Fat Negative) and short luteal phase
  • #3 triggered at follicle size 19, 19 took progesterone=BFN and short luteal phase

My mom was right…some how she knew we should wait a little longer.  Who woulda thought such a slight difference in size could mean so much, but I guess it can!!

I am looking forward to this cycle…I am excited about the changes!


2 responses to “Our consult appt…

  1. That is great news! We are thinking about you and wishing you the best 🙂

  2. Knowledge is so empowering and comforting. I’m so glad you have such great doctors and know it is just a matter of time. Will continue praying for you both- now I can be even more specific!

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