100th post…and CD1!

Wow, I started this blog initially to document my pregnancy which ended in a D&C for blighted ovum…so it actually turned out to be a blog about my journey through infertility. I had read others infertility blogs and learned so much from them…so I thought I’d write about our experiences in hopes of helping others along the way. This blog has also helped me document the details of our visits, thus keeping track of each cycle which has been helpful at times. The best thing that I have gotten from this blog is the support from others…it is truly amazing!

And now for an update on our next cycle…today is Cycle Day 1! Sunday was my last day of BCPs so I was surprised that it came so fast. I go in Thursday for my baseline and hopefully get my dosage for shots. I got the meds ordered and delivery scheduled, so as of right now we are on a roll!

Let’s hope 4th times a charm and I can turn this blog back to it’s original purpose!


2 responses to “100th post…and CD1!

  1. Hi there! I am your Clicker from the Lost and Found Connections Abound page that Mel runs over at Stirrup Queens. I lurk here often to check in on you and just wanted to pop out and say a hefty congratulations on your 100th post and that my fingers and toes are crossed for this cycle!

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