All clear!

Let the fun begin! I had my day 3 baseline today and was all clear of cysts…whew!! So we are clear to begin our medicated cycle which means tonight I begin the shots! Yippee (insert sarcasm)!

Anyway, I am starting with 75 for the next 4 nights…then on Monday, I’ll get blood drawn early in the AM and go see the doc for another follie check!

And again we discussed waiting until follicles reach 21 before we do the Ovidrel shot and supplementing with progesterone gel.

Please, please let this work.

**There was some unexpected drama today at the docs office…a man collapsed in the office.  That is why the doc was running a little behind…uh-huh, okay! My guess is that they handed this man the bill and he was completely shocked and passed out, but what do I know!?!


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