Jam packed morning!

So this AM, I am running all over. First I got my bloodwork done at 7:30 by a trainee (OUCH)!

Then I was off to Goodyear to buy 4 new tires (DOUBLE OUCH $$$).  I have been going to this Goodyear since college and they tend to take pretty good care of me.  I got a flat on Saturday evening, and I have to say that it was the best time to get it…Gary was with me, we were parked in a pretty empty parking lot with a light shining on the right side!! Gary was great and changed it in 15 minutes flat! Let’s just hope they can get everything done by my appointment at 10:00.

So after Goodyear, I am off to my appointment to check on those follies and see how they are responding to the meds!

Whew…It is gonna be an expensive morning!


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