The token follicle…

So it looks like there is really only going to be one strong candidate to be released this go round.  I was hoping for a few or at least a couple of good ones, but hopefully this is THE ONE! Oh, I pray that it is.

Today’s stats:

  • Left: 19.5 , 9
  • Right: 12, 11, 10
  • Lining: 9.1

I get to go back tomorrow at 7:00 AM for another check! It is super early, but I’ll get to see my doc before he leaves town! He is now thinking Tues/Wed IUI.  Anyway, stay tuned!


One response to “The token follicle…

  1. Good luck!! I hope your ONE is the healthiest happiest egg in there that will soon be 1/2 of your new little one. All my best to you.

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