The 2ww begins NOW…

I am sperminated! Thanks to Allison, we know have a name for that golden egg…Tankerez! So we are hoping that Tankerez settles in for the long haul!

The 2 IUI’s went smoothly (just a little cramping for about 15 minutes afterwards).  The big follicle had released…how do we know you ask? Well, it was no longer on the screen and there was a little slit looking spot in its place.  I am really getting good at reading the screen…I can pick out follicles and uterine lining with the best of them!!

I’ve got a little confession to make…I LOVE the smell of the soap at the docs office.  It definitely has that medical smell, but I like it.  I know it is weird, but I always wash my hands before I leave, even if I do not have to! They just smell so clean!  Call me crazy, I don’t care!

Also, I splurged a bit today…there was a new cupcake place next door to my salon and I went in there to check it out and the temptation was too much…I bought one.  Gary and I can celebrate the end of this medicated cycle and hopefully the beginning of a new life! Yummy!!! (I just hope I can wait until Gary gets home)


5 responses to “The 2ww begins NOW…

  1. That cupcake is making my mouth water! I checked out the website – what a great new find! 🙂

    Praying for you and Tankerez….

  2. I hope this is the beginning of a 38 WW for you!

    That muffin looks amazing. I had a CC muffin for breakfast, but that one looks way better!!!

  3. yeah for Tankerez and the cupcake!

  4. Wishing you lots of luck!!! The cupcake looks beautiful!

  5. Am keeping everything crossed for your 2ww 🙂 I want a cupcake place near me – it looks delicious!

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