Tank’s tricks!!!

Tank and Vader have very different personalities.  Vader is content if he is snuggled in someones lap! Tank loves to play fetch, chews on a nyla bone all the time, and watches TV! Yep, she totally watches TV from the couch or from the end of our bed…and she is quite the critic when it comes to other animals on the tube!

Here’s my little ballerina while watching “America’s Greatest Dog”…

What do you think? Would she make it on “So You Think You Can Dance?”


2 responses to “Tank’s tricks!!!

  1. LOL, My put, Toby is the same way. He is constantly watching TV and gets right up there when he sees another dog!

  2. Abigail Wag-a-Tail is quite the dancer as well! They should do a dance duet! I am so glad that you captured that on video!

    Tank sure is graceful!

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