I just wanted to say that I work with amazing people.  As a teacher, I am surrounded by women at work, so when I talk about female issues they relate.   I have been back at school for 2 weeks now and so many people have asked how I am doing and how things went over the summer…administrators checking in and offering comforting words, encouragement from those who have been through this very journey, a shoulder to cry on if needed, and understanding when I just have a down day.  It is truly amazing.

Today a friend at work lent me a 10 minute video that is so inspirational (NOOMA). She has been through this journey and said that it helped her…after watching it, I think I may hang onto it for a while. I know I needed this reminder in the past when cycles have failed and will watch it in the future if needed.  Thank you so much.

My family and friends have been so great through all of this but it is just so nice to know that I have such a great support system…even at work.  I know not everyone can say that about work.

Status update….I took an Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK) this am and it had a faint second line meaning that the LH is present and ovulation should take place anywhere from 24-36 hours, so the best chance to become pregnant is within the next 48 hours.  Well, Gary went out of town today. So I am not expecting much from this cycle but would welcome a extra special miracle in a heartbeat!


2 responses to “Amazing.

  1. just FYI as far as OPK’s are concerned:

    It will detect LH in your system but a positive OPK is when the second line is darker than the control line– that is when your LH is about to peak and you will most likely ovulate in that 24-36 hour window. A faint line wouldn’t be considered positive but its good that it is picking up LH. You may want to continue POA-OPK to see that line darken into a postitive- which it should over then next few days

  2. Thanks, days of rain. I actually took another one today and the second line was darker, so maybe theres more of a chance this month after all.

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