Celeb central at the Palazzo!!!!!

The Grand Opening of LAVO Nightclub was this past weekend at the Palazzo (where we were staying).  The red carpet was rolled out and we were expecting a few celebs, but did not anticipate the caliber of celebs that showed up! To list just a few…

Nicky and Paris Hilton, Angie Harmon, Amanda Beard, Busta Ryhmes, will.i.am, Slash, Shannon Doherty, Mario Lopez, Bar Rafaeli, and many more.  

To top it off we actually talked to McSexy Taye Diggs as we were leaving the hotel! He was just getting in from the night and we were leaving for the airport at 7:00AM.  The conversation went like this…

Taye: Wow, we are just getting in and y’all are leaving.

Us: Looks like you had a much better night than we did!!!

Me: (thinking OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a hottie!!)

We were excited to see Taye, but are bummed that we did not hang out and stalk the celebs because of our early flight.  I think Gary is in a state of depression that he did not lay eyes on Bar Rafaeli. Next time, we will research all openings and be prepared ahead of time.


2 responses to “Celeb central at the Palazzo!!!!!

  1. Now that is WAY cool! 🙂

  2. Oh, I am SO jealous!

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