Results from Laparoscopy…

I am back and in bed recovering from my Laparoscopy.  I haven’t had much time to think about the surgery lately, but last night I began to contemplate…what if he doesn’t find anything and we are doing this for no reason other than the explore thus giving us no explanation for why the treatments aren’t working.

After a crazy potty party last night due to medications that were to empty my system, I woke up STARVING and THIRSTY. Gotta follow those rules and not eat after midnight.  Well it turned out that I actually didn’t eat after 1:00 yesterday at lunch because I was trying to prepare for me being away from school. So to say that I was STARVING is an understatement…I love food!

And now for the resulsts…ENDO was back and bigger than ever.  Both of my ovaries were stuck to the fallopian tubes.  Well there you go…no reason to worry last night.  This is why the injectibles weren’t working.  I had a Lap approx 16 months ago, so it returned pretty quickly.  My OBGYN who performed my first one said that endo can return in 1 1/2 –  2 years.  It sure did. 

Now I am trying to figure out our next step.  The doc said he would allow us to do a quick injecible cycle, but doesn’t want to wait long because it will come back again.  He wants to see me pregant before the holidays.  So  next step is either IVF or injectibles. Gary got the impression that he wants to work quickly before it comes back again.

I am very sleepy, but can’t seem to go to sleep, so I decided to let y’all know how it went.  Thanks for all your well wishes.  They mean so much to me!


2 responses to “Results from Laparoscopy…

  1. I am so glad that the surgery brought some answers. I am saying my prayers for a speedy recovery, and sending some positive baby making vibes! 🙂

    Love you!

  2. I am praying for you. I will keep my fingers crossed that you get good news by Christmas.

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