Thank goodness for pain meds and laptops!!

All the pain meds that were given to me at the hospital wore off last night…needless to say I didn’t sleeo very well! During a laparoscopy, they pump your abdomen full of carbon dioxide and after the procedure it releases and causes back and shoulder pain….that started last night.  A heating pad helps ease the pain.  I popped my first pain pill this morning and am very thankful for them! 

As I type from bed, I am extremely thankful for my laptop and wireless internet! I can only watch so much TV and reading right now is putting me to sleep, so surfing the web and blogging is fantastic!

The Today Show is doing a series on Infertility…if you are interested, it provides some success stories and basic information and info on newer procedures like ICSI.


2 responses to “Thank goodness for pain meds and laptops!!

  1. Sorry to hear the endo is back. I hate the pain from the air in the abdomen. I’ve had three laps for endo and every one was painful afterward from the air. Thank goodness for laptops.

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon!

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