Appointment Update.

Today I went for my post op appt and was given those nice glossy photos of my insides.  Don’t worry, I will NOT post any of those pics!!!

Anyway, the doc reviewed his findings…both ovaries were stuck to my fallopian tubes with scar tissue and edometriosis was removed from my left ovary.  He freed up the right one 100%, but had to work gingerly around the left due to proximity of another organ so was not able to completely reconstruct it.  He said that I can get pregnant from both ovaries, but have a better chance on the right. All other organs looked great…whew! And the dye flowed through both tubes deomonstrating that they are in good working condition. 

So what’s our next step, you ask? He said that it is totally up to me…great. So I went with my gut feeling and said that at that moment, I’d like to try one more injectible cycle and if that doesn’t work, we will move on to IVF. He thought that was a fantastic plan!!! G and I will be attending an IVF informational meeting next week just to educate ourselves.  I figured that everything is cleared out and ready to work, and that an injectible cycle did work for us before (blighted ovum), so I am giving it one more shot. (Oh and I already have the meds!!!!) Cross your fingers!!!!  Now it is just a waiting game for CD 1 to arrive.


4 responses to “Appointment Update.

  1. Best wishes… We are thinking about you…

  2. Wishing you lots of luck!!!

  3. Your plan sounds great to me! Good luck!!

  4. It always feel good to have a plan!

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