IVF Orientation

Ya know how people say if you take an umbrella with you, it won’t rain, or… if you wash your car, it will rain. Well, I decided that if we go to the IVF meeting, hopefully we won’t need it!!! Right!?!

Last night, G and I had a date at North Austin Medical Center for an informational meeting about IVF.  An IVF nurse, Fertility Specialist, and an embryoligist all spoke and provided very interesting information.  I am amazed what science can do…incredible!

However, we are at a standstill at the moment because CD1 has NOT arrived yet (it was due last weekend)…any day now, please.  I’d like to get this show on the road! Stay tuned…


3 responses to “IVF Orientation

  1. Oh I remember that orientation so well. Lee and I went “just to see.” Three IVFs later…
    BUT, that’s not to say it doesn’t work much better for lots of other people! I hope you left feeling hopeful and not overwhelmed…it’s all completely do-able.
    Good luck!

  2. We went there too. My husband said that he was finally able to piece together all the information I was feeding him. 🙂

    I am disappointed though that they do not do egg PGD, only embryo PGD.

  3. I know it is overwhelming. At least you have already done the shot thing, so that part won’t freak you out too much;) Best of luck!

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