Another day, another appointment…

TGIF!!!! What a week! So I went in today for another appointment for a follies check and we are getting closer!!!!

Here are the stats:

  • Right=18, 18, 15, 13 
  • Left= 16 

Estrogen went up to 996 and lining was 9.something.  I seem to be stumping him…even on such a low dose my estrogen is rising quickly.  He said he is a control freak and is unable to control my what is happening inside my body.  Oh well! What this all means…NO SHOTS tonight, but get to go back in tomorrow morning for bloodwork and sonogram…what’s another $180!! Anticipating either a Sunday/Monday IUI or Monday/Tuesday IUI…stay tuned!

After the appointment, I will be off to cheer on the longhorns! Hook ‘Em!


One response to “Another day, another appointment…

  1. Hey I totally feel ya on the estrogen rising thing. Mine, after four days of IVF stims was 2600–holy crap WAY TOO HIGH!

    Hang in there, hoping it all goes well!

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