Monthly Archives: November 2008

Fun with family and friends!

We had a great holiday! I was able to spend quality time with family and friends! Here are some highlights…

Enjoying hits from the 80’s watching the Spazmatics


Cheering the horns on to a sweet victory 49-9 against TX A&M




Sarah (Miss Say-yah) came out to play, too!



Hook ‘Em Horns!!!!



Then we finally celebrated Thanksgiving with a hearty meal on Friday! 

Vader and Tank demonstrate how we all felt after eating…



I am thankful…

Despite the negative undertone of this blog…infertility woes, I’d like to address that I am blessed in so many ways.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to give thanks!


I am thankful for…

Gary and pug babies

Gary is so wonderful and brings out the best in me and all who surround him.  I love him so! And my fur babies…they have gotten me through many days by being so snuggly and sweet!




I am so lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive family.  And I just adore our latest addition, Miss Blakeley!







I love my friends…near and far.  You are all fantastic!






As quaint as it is, I love my house! It is perfect to house the 4 of us (me, G and the puggers!!) and has room for us to grow a little!




Especially during this financial crisis, I am able to feel very secure with my job as a teacher.  My students are making so much progress and I work with wonderful teachers whom I consider my friends!

**Note this is NOT my classroom. I just did not have a pic of it at home!**




I am still hopeful in our journey to become parents.  I am thankful for the opportunity that science is giving us to continue on this journey.  



Happy Thanksgiving to all! 

Just keepin’ busy…

Just thought I’d check in…I am just getting ready for Turkey Day! My family and Gary’s family celebrate together at our house which is nice, but is keeping me busy trying to prepare for everything! Don’t worry, I do know how to delegate!

On the fertility front…we wait for a miracle and hope that the good ole fashion way works this month for us! We shall see… otherwise, on to our first and hopefully last IVF. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday and safe travels! Gobble Gobble!!

Gotta love a Girls Night!

Great friends, great shopping, great music…what more do you need! We hit up Junior League’s girls Night Out and had a great time!




When welse can you belt out “Total Eclipse of the Heart” other than with your best friends?



And then add sime shopping…total bliss!


Unique Christmas Stockings for sale!

A friend of mine is making and selling christmas stockings.  You will find one for every member of the family…from leather to lace or polka dot to plaid.  Check them out at Good Tidings.


Shaken, not stirred…

Gary planned a fun and exciting night last night for my birthday.  He arrived at the door dressed in a tux and looked so handsome! We headed to South Congress Cafe for dinner where he had gotten a group together. We were joined by Amy, Jolyn, David, Sarah, Brant and Ryan…what a sweet surprise.  But it gets even better…the new Bond movie came out yesterday and there was a premiere party hosted by The Alamo Drafthouse followed by the movie! Everyone there was dressed in Bond attire!

Ya know how I was saying I was going to try new things…so I tried my first straight up martini…it was my first and last!!! I am gonna stick with my sweet girly drinks!

We had a great time…but after a fun filled day and a few cocktails in me, I slept through the movie (cut me some slack…it started after midnight), so I can’t comment on the movie itself.

Yesterday was so great!  





Bond girls!!!




Trying out our sexy looks…I need to work on mine!


Enjoying Casino Night!


The BIG 3-0.

My birthday crown at school!


So today I turn 30! It has been a fantastic day filled with birthday wishes from friends, family, co-workers, and students! I am truly so blessed!  I am ready to turn 30 and will be embracing this milestone year!  I hope to try new things…bike riding, more fun runs with friends, maybe a triathalon (although I hope to have a big belly so I won’t be able to do it!), not to let work stress control me (we’ll see how that goes)…and IVF (hopefully our family will grow this year)!

Anyway, Gary has something planned for this evening but I don’t have a clue as to what it might be.  All I know is that I am wearing a little black dress.  He is so good at surprises and LOVES doing them…he is so wonderful to me!

Thanks to everyone for making this day so special! Love y’all!