Checking for symptoms.

I am guilty! During the 2 week wait, I drive myself crazy thinking about possible pregnancy symptoms that I could have…breast tenderness, fatigue, nausea…you name it. Now, don’t forget, I am on progesterone right now, so I decided to look at the potential side effects and…yep.  Wanna guess?   breast pain, fatigue, nausea, and the list goes on! 

So I am making myself crazy for nothing.  As of right now, no news is good news…lets keep it that way!


4 responses to “Checking for symptoms.

  1. Aaaahhh, the dreaded progesterone pregnancy mimicking symptoms! I have been totally wiped out and then realized that CCRM doubled my progesterone dose. No wonder, eh?
    Hoping you get the REAL THING soon!

  2. Constipation is a symptom too. Do you feel constipated yet? Ha, I crack myself up just typing that.

  3. Am excited with anticipation about the news… Saying prayers!

  4. Wow….can’t imagine how crazy-making the TWW can be. Good luck!!!

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