Heading down a different path…

Today…CD1. Needless to say, I am so very sad.  This past cycle just seemed so good, everything was “teed up for us” as Gary put it, and yet it didn’t work. We now move on to IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), a  much more intense, invasive process, but with much better odds.  I spoke with the docs office this morning, but will need to call back as there was no IVF nurse present.  There are so many success stories from friends, fellow teachers, etc, so I am hopeful that this will work for us. The odds are good!

Those who have been through IVF, I’ve got a question for you…I know there are many different protocols, but I was wondering if there was a way to get started before the lab closes in mid-December? OR will I need to wait until after the holidays?


8 responses to “Heading down a different path…

  1. I think normally they like everyone to go on a month of birth control pills, then there is a Lupron overlap, then you start the stimulation meds on day 3 of the next cycle. So it seems like it would be cutting it too close–don’t they close down mid-December?? I know they won’t do any retrievals past a certain date.

    I’m really sorry about the BFN, by the way. Each and every single one sucks. And please please please don’t take your IVF success odds from someone like me…you’re right, it DOES work for many many people! I’m just one of the way way way outliers.


  2. So sorry, Suzanne. I was rooting for you.

  3. Hey girl – am sorry to hear that this past run didn’t work. Will be praying for you that IVF goes well. You know how calculated everything can be with the IUI, but if the lab is closed in mid-December, then I think you’re looking at doing it after the holidays. Sometimes they put you on birth control for 2 weeks, but it will all depend on the protocol that Dr. S wants to do with you. Keep us posted and let us know if you want to talk or have questions about anything. Sounds like you are familiar with most of the process, so you are an old pro anyway;)

  4. Well I was hoping and praying that this would be the IUI cycle that would do the trick. I’m sending lots of love your way. Call me if you feel up for dinner this week or weekend.

  5. I’m so sorry.

    It depends. If you start the pill now, you can be on it for as little as 2 weeks before starting the lupron. You’ll be really close time-wise. It depends on when the lab is closing and when Dr. S is going to be in town between now and then.

  6. Darn! I was so hoping for you. Like Larisa said, try to get ahold of the IVF nurse and find out when you can start and if you can before they close. Let us know!!!!

  7. I am also planning IVF after the holidays for the first time. I’m scared. I will go through this with you.

  8. So sorry. I recently had IVF. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 🙂 As far as IVF before the holidays, like others have said, you’ll be on BCPs for a few weeks before so you could start that, but I don’t think they’ll get retrieval and transfer in before….but it doesn’t hurt to ask! 🙂

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