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No more BCPs.

I took my last birth control pill this morning.  According to my info sheet, I am now supposed to have a mestrual flow.  So now I wait…in the past, I think it has taken 2-3 days after stopping BCPs. Does this sound right, fellow IVFers?  I’ll go in on Friday for my baseline sono.  So far no crazy side effects from the Lupron…whew!  

My friends and family have been asking me lots of questions about the process and I am having a hard time explaining the “why” behind all the things I am doing.  I am going to re-read my info packet.  I read it before actually starting the process, but maybe I’ll be able to apply the info now that the process has started.


These boots were made for walkin’….

I got Blakeley some boots like her Aunt Shuz! So, of course, we had to have a photo shoot! I love ’em!




It was a great celebration last night for Amy’s 30th! We planned a day of pamering with a surprise gathering of friends and family at The Grove! It was so much fun planning,  hard to keep it a secret, but a huge success!!!

Makeup at Nordstrom



Followed by Mani/Pedi’s at Wynn



Then the surprise at The Grove!!!!



Happy Birthday, Amy! You are such an amazing friend!


It was a very merry Christmas.

This Christmas was filled with family.  We were able to arrange a dinner with my dad’s cousin and aunt’s family.  It was great catching up with everyone!

The gals



The dudes


Then on Christmas Eve, Blakeley entertained us with her excitement of opening gifts! She is so precious and is changing so fast…new sounds, new moves, new tricks!





What a wonderful time we had!


One lupron shot down…

…many more to go!  This morning the first lupron shot was drawn and done…actually pretty easy.

FYI… The purpose of Lupron is to prevent me from ovulating.

Happy “Howl”idays and today’s appointment…

HO HO HO! Merry Christmas! 



I had my first appointment this morning for our first (and hopefully last) IVF cycle.  He checked for cycsts and measured my uterus…all was well! I also met with the IVF nurse to show me how to draw up the Lupron and to sign all the consent forms.  Next step…I start Lupron Friday morning then return for a baseline sonogram on the 2nd.

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to all! I wish everyone safe travels!