Pug pics!

We went to have the pugs picture taken with Santa! A local dog boutique was hosting and wouldn’t have missed out on this golden opportunity! I am going to save the santa pic for a post closer to Christmas, but here are a couple of photos I took on the way out there…



I just love this pic of sweet little Vader..



Just like her momma, Tank is having a hard time getting out of bed on cold mornings.  After we got out of bed and pulled the covers back to expose this cute little butt, she stayed like this for another 5 minutes until we had to pull her out to make the bed.  She is not a morning pug!!!



3 responses to “Pug pics!

  1. The photo of Tank in the bed is so stinkin’ cute. I love it! I don’t blame her!

  2. I never thought I would love pugs as much as I do now. They just don’t seem like cute dogs the first time you see them, but yours are adorable! Great pics! You should send them with your holiday cards!!!

    And good luck on your upcoming cycle. It is so worth it!!!

  3. They look so gorgeous!!!

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