No more BCPs.

I took my last birth control pill this morning.  According to my info sheet, I am now supposed to have a mestrual flow.  So now I wait…in the past, I think it has taken 2-3 days after stopping BCPs. Does this sound right, fellow IVFers?  I’ll go in on Friday for my baseline sono.  So far no crazy side effects from the Lupron…whew!  

My friends and family have been asking me lots of questions about the process and I am having a hard time explaining the “why” behind all the things I am doing.  I am going to re-read my info packet.  I read it before actually starting the process, but maybe I’ll be able to apply the info now that the process has started.


3 responses to “No more BCPs.

  1. It sounds right to me. I think I always hated going in for that first pre-stim ultrasound because I might still be having AF, blech.

    Good luck! It’s good that everyone is interested, but hopefully you can find a nice website to explain the process and then you won’t have to keep repeating and repeating!

  2. Everything sounds very promising! Good luck!!!

  3. Sounds about right. Don’t be surprised if your bleed is “weird”. It can be really light because you are so suppressed. Or not. 😉

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