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The results are in…

HCG=359!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (meaning we’re PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Of course, I am elated and can’t stop smiling and am so hopeful that this pregnancy will continue to progress the way it is supposed to.  However, I also feel nervous and unsure of the future of this pregnancy.  I have gotten a positive before, but it didn’t end so positively.  I will do my best to take this one day at a time, one blood test at a time, and one sonogram at a time.  Next blood test is on Sunday with the results on Monday…I have never looked so forward to getting stuck with a needle!

Everyone has been so supportive through this cycle and I want you to know that I could not have done it without your support! Please keep the prayers coming!



The second set of octuplets were delivered in California.  I can not imagine.

The babies range from 1lbs 8oz  to 3lbs 4oz…so tiny. I am praying that they continue to grow and develop.

She is planning on breastfeeding…okay??!? Good luck with that!


Back to life, back to reality…

Back to work today after taking 3 days off last week and having the weekend to take it easy following IVF transfer.  Although it will be good to keep me busy and keep my mind off of the upcoming beta, I wish I could stay home and continue taking it easy.  A preschool special ed teacher isn’t the most relaxing job, so I’ll do my best to remain stress free (haha!) and positive! Wish me luck!

And now we wait.

The wait is on…

We had 2 great blasts transferred and hope that both stick around for a while (9 months!).   

This cycle has been as good as we could have hoped for and as we headed to the transfer, we turned the radio on to hear the last bit of  “In the Arms of an Angel”…and that is just it.  It is up to Him now, and I have prayed and prayed that this is it.  

I am overwhelmed with everyone’s support during this cycle…from phone calls, texts, visits, and even cupcakes.  I hope you all know how much I appreciate the prayers and well wishes…I am so lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing family, friends…and, of course, blogger buddies!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


Party time!

We celebrated Blakeley’s first birthday on Saturday! Her mom and dad hosted a perfect balloon themed party for her! Sarah is so creative and made the best iced balloon cookies!

Here are a few party pics…

The sweet treats



Aunt Shuz and Uncle G with the birthday girl!!



Cake time!




Turning 1 is so much fun!!!!



Transfer Wednesday!!!

The nurse called today to notify me that transfer will be Wednesday.  Embies look great, too!

Here is the quality report:

  • Two 8 cell, grade 1
  • Two 10 cell, grade 1
  • Two 12 cell, grade 1
  • One 14 cell, grade 1
  • One 8 cell, grade 2
  • One 8 cell, grade 2.5
  • One 8 cell, grade 3
  • One 9 cell, grade 3
  • One 2 cell, grade 3
  • and a couple more that I did not write down

Grade 1 is great, so I am thrilled with this report.  We will have blastocysts to transfer on Wednesday.  I am going to take off the rest of the week to allow the embies every chance to settle in for the long haul.  For those of you who are worried that we will turn out like Jon and Kate +8…no need to worry.  We decide along with the doc and embryologist how many to transfer.  We will most likely transfer no more than 2 because of the quality and my age.  

Click for more information on embryo quaility and blastocyst quality.

Fert report…

Drumroll please……14 eggs fertilized!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled beyond words to have heard that #.  I was hoping for 50%, but 14, WOW! The nurse keeps thinking that it could definitely be a day 5 transfer with such a high number! We will know more on Monday around 9am.  I am tentatively scheduled for a 12:30 transfer.  Let’s  hope the good news keeps coming!

Thank you for all your prayers! They are working!