Today’s baseline

I went in today for my baseline and…we are good to go (well, kinda).  Since I have not “started”, she had me go do bloodwork to check my progesterone to see if I somehow ovulated.  I should find out later today or tomorrow. I hope I go ahead and start soon. If all is good with my bloodwork, I will start Gonal F Sunday evening with a dose of 225 on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  225 for 3 days?!?!?

225 shocked me…According to my response in the past with my IUI cycles, I responded so well and my doses ranged from 35.5-150.  So my question of the day for the doc was…Why 225 and will my ovaries explode?!?!  Her explaination…In the past with the IUI cycles, my own hormones came into play and effected the growth and such.  The Lupron that I am on now has suppressed all of my hormones.  She said that 225 is very reasonable and that she has some people take 750.  Whew! I feel better now.  

I go back on Wednesday afternoon for a check up to see how I am responding.  Hoping for more good news!


One response to “Today’s baseline

  1. Yes that is true. I remember freaking out too at the high dosage when we went to IVF from IUIs. It does sound freaky.

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