2 a days…

I have started the Gonal-F on Sunday, thus bringing the shots to 2 a days! They are now beginning to take a toll on me, or my lower abdomen that is! I go in tomorrow for bloodwork, check-up, and dosage orders.

 I feel that everyone has taken a picture of their meds, so here is my obligatory meds shot…



3 responses to “2 a days…

  1. Ahhh, all of that looks so familiar! I hope you get a great report and lots of follicles, sorry about feeling it in the abdomen!

  2. Hey girl – glad to hear that you are on your way again! Sounds like you are doing great! By the end, you may feel like your ovaries are going to explode – I guess it depends on how many follicles you develop. I was on 450 (I think Jenn was, too) and didn’t make that many – but that was part of my problem that doesn’t seem to be the case in your situation. I always loved getting #s from others who had gone through this, so I constantly asked questions and asked others to tell me their stories. It’s hard not to be obsessed when you are in the middle of it all!

    Family was funny about asking me questions, too and I remember just summarizing everything like this – even though not totally accurate, it was simple enough:

    1 drug turns off your body’s cycle
    1 drug makes you develop the follicles
    1 drug then prevents you from ovulating (Ganirelix I think)
    1 drug then is perfectly timed so that your body will release the follicles for the dr to retrieve (Ovidrel)

    Plus, my 2nd time around, they gave me some additional stimulation drugs that were kind of a pain. I couldn’t bear the shots in the tummy – I bruised all the time, so I ended-up giving them to myself in the upper thigh. Seemed to be less painful for myself there.

    Anyway, best of luck! Can’t wait to follow you through this process!


  3. All I can say is WOW! I will keep praying for you.

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