Ch-ch-ch-changes in ’09!


This mornings appt went well, and I got a bonus bloodwork out of it! Yep, 3 days in a row for bloodwork…my poor veins!!!!


  • Right: 17.5, 17, 16, 15, 15.5, 15.5, 14, 13
  • Left: 15.5, 15.5, 14.5, 13, 12.5, 12
  • Estrodiol: 2495 
  • Lining: 8.1

Dosage tonight…75. Bloodwork tomorrow and they will call with dosage  for tomorrow. Next appt…Wednesday.  He is thinking retrieval will be Friday.


3 responses to “Ch-ch-ch-changes in ’09!

  1. What a great way to start out ’09!

  2. Everything sounds great. Glad to hear it is going well – hang in there with the shots. Just wait for the progesterone shots – ha!

  3. Looking good! Good luck at retreival!

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