Back to life, back to reality…

Back to work today after taking 3 days off last week and having the weekend to take it easy following IVF transfer.  Although it will be good to keep me busy and keep my mind off of the upcoming beta, I wish I could stay home and continue taking it easy.  A preschool special ed teacher isn’t the most relaxing job, so I’ll do my best to remain stress free (haha!) and positive! Wish me luck!


3 responses to “Back to life, back to reality…

  1. I have a very good feeling about this for you. IVF works for so many people–so why not you? Everything has gone so well so far! I hope the wait flies by, but with a day 5 transfer you are very close to being able to do a HPT! GOOD LUCK!

  2. Lots of luck!!!! I think taking some time off after the transfer and taking it easy is what helped it work for us. So glad you had the ability to do that too. I know not everyone can.

    Whatever you do – don’t test early!!!! If your Dr’s office is doing a beta blood test, don’t do the HPT. It’s just a superstition of mine, but don’t we all get superstitious when doing infertility treatments?

  3. I agree with Heather, try not to test. It is hard. I went as far as to buy a test. It is still in the box.

    I go in tomorrow night to get my cervix “ready” and they will induce Wed morning at 7:30. This waiting is the pitts!! We will both make it through!

    We are still praying 🙂

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