The second set of octuplets were delivered in California.  I can not imagine.

The babies range from 1lbs 8oz  to 3lbs 4oz…so tiny. I am praying that they continue to grow and develop.

She is planning on breastfeeding…okay??!? Good luck with that!



6 responses to “OCTUPLETS in CA?!?

  1. Makes me wonder why their RE’s are not monitoring the follicles. It seems pretty obvious it was a result of fertility meds. The highest # my current RE has on his record is 5, and that was from Clomid with Gonal F and IUI.

  2. This is truly a crazy story. I know TFC has produced two sets of quints, which I think is too many, too! Yikes.

    You should be so close to doing an HPT–I am so hoping for two lines for you!

  3. I heard today that they already have 6 kids, including a set of twins.

  4. World News Tonight on ABC just said that she is a single mom, 30 years old, and lives at home with her parents. The hospital will not confirm her identity, but that is what a supposed neighbor has told the media.

    Very interesting – that is for sure!

  5. I am wondering what happened why a women living with her parents even think she was capable of raising 14 children with now job she thinks she can raise these kids off of student grants good luck with that.

  6. It was not a freak birth. Please she was implanted with 6 eggs. What the hell did they expect. The doctor should be shot and the mother also. She is asking for money on the net now.
    She belongs in a mental hosp. The children should be put up for apdopition for the so many couples that can’t have their own. For God,s sake somebody do something besides sending her a dime!!!!!
    Put her away and save the kids.

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