New numbers…

HCG…7778 …Did I hear her correctly? OMG!

I am officially meds free, so no more progesterone or estradiol! Just a prenatal vitamin cocktail for me in the morning.

We scheduled our sonogram for Feb 17th…I can hardly wait!  Can we fast forward please! I am still so nervous and hope that everthing will progress as it should, but so far so good!


8 responses to “New numbers…

  1. That is great news Tank!! I’ll be praying for you.
    Hope you are feeling well so far.


  2. That’s great news! I’ve been praying for you for white awhile and I have been DYING all day to hear the results of your blood test today

  3. Congrats on your exciting news… I have been following your blog for a while now and I am so happy for you guys! You’re in my prayers for a healthy pregnancy!

  4. Congratulations Suzanne,
    Kevin & I are so excited for you and Gary! I have been watching your blog since yesterday to find out the results. I predict twins! I hope you don’t mind but I go to Sarai Stapleton too and I told her about your HCG results. Then I thought you might not have wanted me to do that!

  5. That is absolutely fantastic! Doing little jumps around my study for you – it is a brilliant beta!
    Can’t wait for the ultrasound 🙂

  6. WOW! GREAT! Good things to come!

  7. Wow! Great numbers! I wonder with numbers like that if you have twins! My numbers weren’t even multiplying that fast and we are expecting twins!

  8. Prayers, prayers and more prayers!!! I loved that everyone voted the same!!!

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