Poll results are in…

  • 69 people said 2 babies
  • 10 people said 1 baby

69 people are………………CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are 2 babies, 2 heartbeats….TWO!!!!!!!!!!! 

We are overjoyed and shocked! We knew the numbers could be indicative of twins but actually seeing and hearing that is unreal.  I felt like it was an out of body experience…that someone else was laying there getting the good news.  

  • Baby A measuring 6w5d with heartbeat of 123.
  • Baby B measuring 6w3d with a hearbeat of 119.
  • Due date Oct 9, but the doc said that I would not make it to that

I go back for another sonogram next Friday and then hopefully I will graduate to my OBGYN!  I can not say it enough, but THANK YOU to everyone for their love and support through all this! You all helped make this possible! We will keep praying that everything progresses as it should.  YEAH!


22 responses to “Poll results are in…

  1. Oh Tank, that is wonderful news!!!! I know you and Gary are thrilled. I’ll keep praying that everything continues to go well. Hope you are feeling well.

  2. I have been checking in all day. I knew those numbers were awfully high. I am sure you were over joyed. You were the one in the other room today, hearing your babies’ heartbeats! All the hell you went through was worth it. I will never forget that day. When the dr said to me, “isn’t that just music to your ears?” It was, wasn’t it. I can’t imagine hearing 2. May your pregnancy be uneventful and terrific. Hoping you get released soon!

  3. God is Good!!!! I am soooooo happy for you and Gary!! I know you all will continue to be blessed!! Prayers now for a nice, smooth pregnancy!!

  4. That is amazing news! We are so excited for you and Gary! Two new longhorns to attend tailgates :o) Keeping you in our prayers for a wonderful pregnancy!

  5. Wow, that is truly great news!
    I am so happy to see IVF really does work, and sometimes even on the first try, double the fun!

  6. What joyous news! I was about to e-mail Sarah for an update. Your parents are going to be in Austin permanently after these sweet babies arrive!

  7. 2 good 2 be true! Twice as nice! Double trouble – but double the love. Congrats – what awesome news! Let’s talk once it all sets in!

  8. I am smiling from ear to ear, so I can only imagine how big the smile is on your face right now! What lucky little duckies those kiddos will be! 🙂

  9. Elisabeth Gagel Anderson

    Hey Suzanne – that is the MOST exciting news! Hugs to you and Gary! Love, me, Zach and Foley!

  10. I am SO VERY excited for you and Gary! I just can’t stop smiling for y’all!! This is such awesome news! Can’t wait for more updates!

  11. Congratulations! I know pretty much how you’re feeling right now. My numbers didn’t even seem to indicate twins, but my DH was pretty convinced it would be. He was right. That first ultrasound we had at the beginning of December was so surreal. To see that there were two in there was amazing.

    Very very happy for you!!!

  12. Yeah, Suzanne! Brace yourself for a wild next few years. I look back on the moment the doctor said ‘twins’ and the hours following as one of the top moments of my life. I laugh now because I had NO idea what I was in for, but oh did I ever still have good reason to be joyful. Welcome to the club, My Dear. You guys will be an awesome family. 🙂 What fantastic news.

  13. I have to confess, I was already in bed last night and I made Christoph get up and go check your blog for an update!! He came back to the room and asked how many babies I thought you had and I said two…we are so excited for you guys!

  14. Hey stumbled on your post thru a tag search. I am so excited for you and your great news!!!

    I just had my retrieval on Monday and am trying to figure out when my transfer is going to be and how many I should put in. I have 16 (thanksgd) fertilized eggs , so is that likely to be a day 3 or 5 transfer?
    Also, what were the stats of the eggs you transfered? I would love twins, but nervous about anything more (I am 28). I am even thinkiing about only putting one in…
    Would really appreciate your input…

  15. I am so thrilled!!!! I can’t wait to hear more updates. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. We are so excited for you! What great news!!! I hope you survive the summer Texas heat with two buns in the oven! 🙂

  17. Wow! Congrats! So happy for you that everything is looking good so far.

  18. heck, yeah! they are going to be some seriously cute kiddos! so so excited! made my day! can’t wait to hear details in person… hope to see you soon! perhaps a virgin cocktail after school soon?

  19. I have been reading your blog since before Christmas. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon it. I am so excited for you!! I voted for 2!!!

  20. YAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 That is brilliant hon – Congratulations! Two little bubbas!

  21. Congratulations, Suzanne!!! We are so happy for you and Gary! You guys will continue to be in our prayers! Take care!

  22. Yahoo! I have chills all over. I am so happy for you guys.

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