Howdy from Austin!

Hi there! I live in Austin, TX with my husband, Gary, and the 2 cutest Pugs ever. Gary is an entrepreneur and I am a preschool special education teacher (aka we make no $$!!), but very blessed nonetheless!

We both love to travel…got engaged in Paris/London, spent Christmas in Buenos Aires and New Years in Rio de Janiero, traveled 7 European countries in 13 days! I am totally itching for more! Traveling has taken a back seat while we are going through fertility treatments.

Infertility update: we tried on our own for about a year, then I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I had the laparoscopy and decided to give Clomid+ IUI a try for 3 cycles. Three strikes and they were out! Convinced I needed more help, I headed to a fertility specialist and got started on shots and IUI. That is when I got pregnant but miscarried due to a blighted ovum.  This cycle was followed with a D&C because I would not naturally miscarry.  We are on our 4th round of injectibles/IUI cycle and hoping that 4th times a charm!

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