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Stats update.

Got a good report from the doc this morning! Here are the stats:

  • Right: 15, 14, 14, 13, 13, 10, 10
  • Left: 14, 14, 13, 11, 11, 9, 9
  • Estrogen: 880ish 

Dosage tonight is 150 and Sunday 112.5.

Next update will be Monday morning, then I am off to acupuncture Monday afternoon for a little relaxation! My doctor is back from his vacation, so I will actually get to see him on Monday!  This morning the doc said that she is estimating for trigger shot Tues or Wed…retrieval Thurs or Friday…transfer Sunday or Monday (assuming it will be a Day 3 transfer).  I should know for sure Monday!


Negative, nope, notta, nothin’…

Catch my drift? This cycle didn’t work. We had the best chance yet with the # of follies I was possibly releasing, but it still didn’t work.

I was hoping it was spotting this AM, but it kept coming and got heavier. Needless to say, I am sad, confused, and currently enjoying some vino! We meet with the doc on Friday for my day 3 baseline and to discuss the next step. I am not giving up…it will happen for us.

Blakeley helped me take my mind off of things today…I got to babysit her while mommy enjoyed a lunch with grown ups!!!! I think Aunt Shuz is her favorite Aunt (and not just because I am her only aunt)!

The 2ww.

By now, after 2 years of trying and many different medical interventions, the shots, sonograms, and bloodwork is all second nature. The 2ww, however, never gets any easier. The anticipation of the unknown is unbearable.  I am so tempted to take a HPT before the blood test, but have not thus far! You think every little thing is a pregnancy symptom…a yawn=exhaustion, a burp=reflux, sore boobs, emotional rollercoaster, etc!

Each day that goes by with no sign of AF is a huge relief.  So right now, no news is good news!

I am trying to stay busy and keep my mind off of it, but geez it is hard! I had another “hang on little tomato” acupuncture treatment today…once again I fell into a deep sleep! Ahh!

Hang on little tomato(s)…

The 2ww (2 week wait) has officially begun! I believe this is the hardest part…looking for any sign that I might be pregnant, wanting so desperately to pee on a stick and knowing it is way too early, trying to relax and let them settle in, and hoping that AF has taken a leave of absence.

I had my “hang on little tomato” acupuncture treatment today. She thought that a treatment to help them through the fallopian tube was the way to go today. And gosh, I am not a napper but every time I go in for a treatment, I end up drifting off…it is THAT relaxing!

I start progesterone tonight (not the shots)…many of you know, but it is not a pleasant experience!

Hoping for the best!

I can’t get pregnant, but some dude can…First Pregnant Man (aka transguy).


Okay, so I was getting all flustered hearing about the “First Pregnant Man” that is going to be on Oprah, so I did some digging. I knew it wasn’t possible, but was curious and now I am seriously annoyed.  I would never want to take the right to have children away, but the fact that this couple is doing this so publicly is not right.  Why did Oprah agree to have them on…it is so not like her. Ugh.

Thomas Beatie (the pregnant transgender) wrote and article for and you can read it here.  Basically he/she is legally male with a female reproductive system??? Doesn’t make sense to me at all.  Still, he/she has taken testosterone and gone 8 years w/o a period and he/she is still able to get pregnant…I just need to stop thinking about this…I am trying to think positively and am hoping for the best for this cycle!

Thanks Oprah.

Tomorrow is “hang on little tomato” acupuncture treatment.  Let’s hope there is a little tomato trying to hang on!!!!!

HSG results are in…


So I had an HSG (the dye test) on Thursday and got the unofficial results today. According to the nurse, all looks normal. There were no complications from the surgery, whew! When we last met with the Doc he told us that he recommended that we wait a cycle after the D&C to do another round of fertility treatments…I asked the nurse today if we could try on our own this month, and she said YES! So we won’t have to waste this cycle!

So off to the drugstore I go to purchase the Ovulation Kits! Oh, and I go Thursday for acupuncture, so hopefully the timing is right!!

Photo clarification: That is a uterus which also happens to resemble UT’s longhorn. I am a graduate of UT and still a huge fan! Hook ‘Em!

Oh Happy Day!!! Aunt Flo came early!


Aunt Flo came earlier than expected! Last Thursday I finally got a negative HCG result after a miscarriage, and the doctors were guessing that it would be another 4-6 weeks before I get my period. Thankfully they were WRONG… hopefully in a month I’ll be giving myself shots again, IUIs, vaginal sonograms, and scheduled intercourse…can you believe I am actually looking forward to this!?! Hey it is all worth it in the end!

So today I made a trip to the pharmacy to pick up my ironic combo purchase of tampons and pre-natal vitamins (after a year and a half I should be okay with it, but I’m not)!

I have emailed Axis Acupuncture and am wanting to get started ASAP to make sure those ovaries are good and ready for when the time comes!

Thanks for all the well wishes and fertility vibes! Keep ’em coming!