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Twin Books.

I have taken this weekend to educate myself about twin pregnancy.  I went to B&N and got 2 books…

When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads


Twins! Pregnancy, Birth and the First Year of Life


Are there any other books that anyone recommends?  I would like to find one about breatfeeding twins, but B&N did not have it.  I have already gotten good info on nutrition from the first one listed…it gave me great suggestions for protein and they actually sounded good.


8 weeks!

I had a songram today at 8 weeks and boy have the babies grown in a week and a half! All looks good…we even got to see one of the baby’s spines (super cool)!

  • Baby A: 8w3d with  a heartrate of 170
  • Baby B: 8w1d with a heartrate of 169

I have now graduated to my OB!!! My doc was very sweet and was genuinely happy for us…the goodbye was a bit emotional! However, I am anxious to call and set up my first OB appointment!

With today’s good news, I have decided to transition to a new blog…I am going to use blogspot because there are more options and I can order a print out of the blog.  There I will post the sonogram pics! Please check out for further updates.  We will always remember our struggle that I documented here and I do believe it made us stronger, but we now have begun a different journey.  I have appreciated and cherished your comments and support and hope you will continue to follow along.


The second set of octuplets were delivered in California.  I can not imagine.

The babies range from 1lbs 8oz  to 3lbs 4oz…so tiny. I am praying that they continue to grow and develop.

She is planning on breastfeeding…okay??!? Good luck with that!


Happy Birthday, Blakeley!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet Blakeley turned 1 today! We have had so much fun together…and it is only the beginning!


These boots were made for walkin’….

I got Blakeley some boots like her Aunt Shuz! So, of course, we had to have a photo shoot! I love ’em!




Yeah, SEVEN!!! OMG! And yes, she took fertility drugs…don’t know what kind, but geesh! I just want one…ONE, but she gets SEVEN….ARG!  She is already the mother of three.  7+3=10!

I am glad to hear that they are all in good condition and mom is doing well also…they were all between 3 and 6 lbs.  WOW!



Ashley’s sweet little guy, Grant, is sporting his Cowboy Boot socks!!!  I figured he needed a little Texas influence!!  He is so darn cute!

Keep those pics coming my way, Ashley!!!