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Twin Books.

I have taken this weekend to educate myself about twin pregnancy.  I went to B&N and got 2 books…

When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads


Twins! Pregnancy, Birth and the First Year of Life


Are there any other books that anyone recommends?  I would like to find one about breatfeeding twins, but B&N did not have it.  I have already gotten good info on nutrition from the first one listed…it gave me great suggestions for protein and they actually sounded good.


My new outlook on life…

Okay, some of you may think I am a dork but oh well!  Although good things were happening to me and around me, I was feeling very negative and down in the dumps, so I decided to jump on Oprah’s bandwagon and join the “A New Earth” phenomenon.  I am hoping for an “ah-ha” moment!

And yes, I am taking the online classes, too!  Because I just started, I am a little behind but plan on finishing at my own pace!  I already feel that it is helping me clear my head!

I go to the doctor tomorrow to check on the cysts and will fill you in on what he says…thinking positive thoughts!