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It’s OSCAR time!!!

Normally I would watch the Oscar’s mainly to check out celebs and what they are wearing….But for the past 3 years, I have enjoyed watching the Oscars so much more…Jolyn and David have been seat fillers and it is so fun to watch out for them, spot them, and hear the amazing stories they have! And they are there againthis year!!!!

Here is who we are looking for…

Oscars 2009




Two years ago Jolyn sat with the stars from The Departed and David sat with the stars from Pans Labryinth. We will be on the look out for sure and post any shots of them!!!

Oscars 2007

Jolyn sat behind Leo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese, and next to Mark Wahlberg and his chick.




My guilty pleasure…


Celebrity gossip and shopping!!!!! I love it and I love blogging about it in my spare time! As I’m sure you already know, the Grammy’s will be on TV Sunday night! And with the award show drought this year due to the writers strike, you bet I will be tuning in and live blogging at Where She Shops.