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HSG results are in…


So I had an HSG (the dye test) on Thursday and got the unofficial results today. According to the nurse, all looks normal. There were no complications from the surgery, whew! When we last met with the Doc he told us that he recommended that we wait a cycle after the D&C to do another round of fertility treatments…I asked the nurse today if we could try on our own this month, and she said YES! So we won’t have to waste this cycle!

So off to the drugstore I go to purchase the Ovulation Kits! Oh, and I go Thursday for acupuncture, so hopefully the timing is right!!

Photo clarification: That is a uterus which also happens to resemble UT’s longhorn. I am a graduate of UT and still a huge fan! Hook ‘Em!


HCG is negative…FINALLY!


Happy Valentine’s Day to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the D&C Jan 17th, and on Feb 14th my HCG level is 2. When you are pregnant your HCG level doubles daily, so eventually it is in the thousands and so forth.  After you miscarry, it needs to dwindle back down to negative (according to docs, below 5 is negative…whatever). So for the past 4 Thursdays, I have gone to check my level…152, 34, 7 and finally TWO!!!!! The nurse informed me that typically women have a period anywhere from 4-6 weeks…WHAT…another 4-6 weeks?

More waiting…I have never wanted Aunt Flo to come more than I do right now! My body is just seems like it is taking FOREVER!

Anyway, I got good news today, which is now a baby step forward (no pun intended)! Happy Valentine’s Day to all!