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A wedding…Texas style!

We traveled to Fort Worth this past weekend to celebrate my cousin, David’s, wedding.  It was a beautiful evening.  Here are a few photos from this weekend…

Sweet little Blakeley was a perfect little angel during the wedding…not a peep!


Yeehaw!! My dad gets into the Texas spirit with the help from his brother, Jon!


Gary and I strike a pose…


Best wishes to the happy newlyweds!!!!

It was so great to see a lot of family that we don’t get to see very often…we are spread out all over the US.  It was a very fun weekend!


Celeb central at the Palazzo!!!!!

The Grand Opening of LAVO Nightclub was this past weekend at the Palazzo (where we were staying).  The red carpet was rolled out and we were expecting a few celebs, but did not anticipate the caliber of celebs that showed up! To list just a few…

Nicky and Paris Hilton, Angie Harmon, Amanda Beard, Busta Ryhmes,, Slash, Shannon Doherty, Mario Lopez, Bar Rafaeli, and many more.  

To top it off we actually talked to McSexy Taye Diggs as we were leaving the hotel! He was just getting in from the night and we were leaving for the airport at 7:00AM.  The conversation went like this…

Taye: Wow, we are just getting in and y’all are leaving.

Us: Looks like you had a much better night than we did!!!

Me: (thinking OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a hottie!!)

We were excited to see Taye, but are bummed that we did not hang out and stalk the celebs because of our early flight.  I think Gary is in a state of depression that he did not lay eyes on Bar Rafaeli. Next time, we will research all openings and be prepared ahead of time.

What happens in Vegas…

We were in Vegas this weekend with G’s brother, Joe.  He invited us to be part of a very special occasion! On Friday night, Joe popped the question to Angela and she said…YES! We are so excited for them and were so touched to be included in this weekend.  We all met up at the Sportsbook (formerly known as JayZ’s 40/40 Club). Angela’s brother, JC, and his wife were also there and is ws go great getting to spend time with them…they are so fun! Ang didn’t know what was about to happen in this photo…we were all playing it cool here as to not spoil the surprise!



Gary, Suz, Thia, Joe, Angela, JC



So happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Then we all went to LAVO, the new bar inside Palazzo, to celebrate! We danced the night away…

We spent most of Saturday livin’ the Cabana lifetsyle…there is no turning back now, I am completely spoiled!

Enjoying pooltime!

Saturday night we had FRONT ROW seats at Phantom of the Opera at the Venitian.  What a show!  

A big thank you to Joe for including us in his special weekend.  We had so much fun and are excited for you both! Welcome to the fam, Ang!!!!!

Go away, Gustav!

With Katrina making landfall just 3 years ago, New Orleans is now preparing for Hurrican Gustav.  Many of my friends lost their homes during Katrina and have finally rebuilt their homes and lives. In addition, I learned first hand how much damage 6 inches of water can do…YUCK  I just pray that everyone is safe and that their homes are spared.  Oh, and friends who are reading…you are welcome to Austin for a visit! You’ve got a place to stay here!

My mom is away in Denver helping with my Grandfather, so my poor dad is trying to move things upstairs and prepare all by himself.  He is not sure where he will be going because supposedly rooms are booked all the way to Tennessee. Although he knows he has a place in Austin, I think he wants to be closer to home.

Today’s playdate!

Oh how I missed Blakeley last week! Sarah kept me posted with pics via phones, but that just wasn’t enough! Today we got to play for a bit while mommy was working! We had great fun! Here we are showing off the souvenirs from Carmel! ( I know I am a dork with the matching tee, but that was really the only t-shirt I liked, so I got us both one!)

Back home!

What a trip! I enjoyed every minute of it, but I am so glad to be back home. I’m getting lots of love from Tank and Vader…I missed them so much! Thanks again to Ryan for taking such good care of them!

Okay, so let me tell ya about the wedding…OMG! It was so beautiful…words cannot describe, so I am going to post pics! The wedding took place at the estate on the 18th hole at Pebble Beach. There were cocktails in the front yard before the wedding and cocktails in the back yard after the wedding. Then a bag piper lead the way to the Lodge at Pebble Beach for the reception. I really did not want to leave…I probably could have moved into the house and they may not have noticed!

Carmel, CA!!!

We headed down the 1 yesterday and made our way to Carmel.  We met up with everybody at Jack London’s Bar and took over the place!

Today while Gary was playing Pebble Beach, I hit the shops with Grace and Angela.  It is such a perfect little town…the weather is very cool, but I am enjoying it over the HOT Texas sun! Now I am resting in our quaint little room at the Cypress Inn!  The Cypress Inn is VERY dog friendly and there are dogs in the lobby just hanging out with their owners! It is so cool, but making me miss my furbabies!!

We are having such a nice time!!