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Today’s update.

First of all, thank you to everyone for being so supportive.  I am ready to move forward and am trying to look at this as positively as I can.  

I spoke with the IVF nurse today and she let me know that last Wednesday was the last day they were starting patients on BCP’s for an IVF cycle before the labs close.  Bummer.  Looks like we will have a month to give au naturale a shot! 

There are a couple of things we have to do before we get started on this IVF porcess…some more bloodwork and analysis.  I hope to go ahead and get that done so that they have everything they need to get started in December.  So until then there won’t be many fertility updates…we’ll just be livin’ life!


Puppy love.

My furbabies were the best snugglers for when mommy was sad yesterday.  It is amazing how much better they can make you fell by just snuggling up and putting their head on you!  Gary sent me this link last week and you must check it out! It is a live stream video of the cutest little puppies.  Watch out…you will find yourself checking in on them…here they are snuggling!

Live Stream Puppies


It’s the little things…

Today I was greeted with a great big new recycling bin that the city is providing! I can now recycle just about anything!  It put a smile on my face!


Decision ’08 Presidential Results

I will be watching this closely! 

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Good times in CA!!

We were so busy this weekend with sightseeing and super fun wedding events! On Friday, we took in all the beauty that the 17 Mile Drive had to offer, then we enjoyed a delicious dinner with lots of great toasts to the happy couple!

Tonga rain!

Tonight we went with Grant and Mere to Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar…it was quite festive! There was thunder and lightning and even RAIN inside the bar ever 20 minutes or so! We sipped our Tonga Tarts and other fruity beverages and enjoyed the festive scenery!

Day 2 of camp…

Today went much more smoothly than yesterday.  I can tell that right around 1:00 my little ones get very tired, thus I start seeing tears and are very short tempered.  So today I chose to stray away from our schedule a bit and have a down time around that time (we made up stories as a group, talked about pets and such)! At the end of the day, they said that that time was their favorite time!

Atta girl, Suzanne!!!!!!!!!!! I hope tomorrow is even better!