Our journey thus far…

Here is our journey thus far…It has certainly been a learning experience.

“The brick walls are there for a reason. They’re not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.” -Randy Pausch

Trying naturally for 9 months…chart temperatures and get + OvuQuick Test each month…Sperm count, movement, and motility is normal…

  • 2/19/07 FSH and other tests: results within normal range.
  • 2/27/07 Met with Dr. U went over test results and history. Based on severity of cramping thought it was possible that I may have endo. Recommended that we do progesterone and HSG tests. Sister diagnosed with Endo the following week.
  • 3/12/07 Progesterone: level was 15, very good
  • 3/26/07 HSG: One fallopian tube flows freely, while one was not flowing according to me

Docs notes: Doc said they were both open (path of least resistance)

  • 5/4/07 Laparoscopy: Stage III Endometriosis and ovaries fused to tubes. Put in solution to keep ovaries from fusing to tubes. HSG: tubes open and clear.
  • 5/29/07 Post Op: Try naturally for 3 months and then will discuss options after 3 months.
  • May ‘07: Positive OPK , negative pregnancy
  • June ‘07: Positive OPK, negative pregnancy
  • July ‘07: Positive OPK, negative pregnancy
  • August ‘07: Clomid/IUI @ OBGYN
  • September ’07: Clomid/IUI @ OBGYN
  • October ’07: Clomid/IUI @ OBGYN
  • November ’07: Try on own one cycle. Meet with Fertility Specialist to discuss plan…we will begin Injectibles/IUI.
  • December ’07: Get a positive pregnancy test and HCG looks good, take progesterone…then numbers stop rising. Sonograms shows that it is a blighted ovum (a gestational sac, but no baby).
  • January ’08: My body will not let go of the pregnancy, so had a D&C to remove the blighted ovum.
  • February ’08: HSG to make sure all is clear…Wait for 1 cycle before trying again.
  • March ’08: Start injectibles/IUI. Failed cycle ends results in cysts. Birth Control Pills (BCP) for a month.
  • April ’08: BCPs.
  • May ’08: Injectibles/IUI + progesterone…responded incredibly well to low dose of meds and results in many follicles that could have released. Proceeded with cycle. Failed cycle results in a blood filled cyst. Back on BCPs for another month.
  • June ‘08: BCP
  • July ’08: Meet with doc on 7th for a consult to discuss options- Injectibles/IUI or IVF. (decided to stick with injectibles/IUI for a couple more tries at least)
  • July ’08: Waited until follicle reached 22 before we do IUI.
  • August ’08: BFN…take a month off and try on our own. And it’s back to school for me.
  • August’08-Sept ’08…tried on own=BFN 
  • Sept ’08…Doc called and said that he didn’t understand why the treatments weren’t working and wanted to go in and take a look.  Therefore, my second Laparoscopy was scheduled.
  • Sept 17th…Laparoscopy results: Endo had come back and both ovaries were stuck to the fallopian tubes with scar tissue.  Doc thinks it is important that we get pregnant quickly. Decision time…Injectables vs IVF.
  • October ’08…begin our last injectible cycle.  Had 3 follicles release…hope and pray for good news on Nov. 10th.  UPDATE: BFN
  • November ’08…try on our own=BFN
  • December ’08…begin IVF.

Approximate $$ spent from November ’07-December ’08 = $15,000 (roughly 1K per month)

End result being a healthy happy baby…PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!


One response to “Our journey thus far…

  1. Hi! How are things with you? Will you try IUI again or proceed with IVF? I agree with you. This TTC journey we are having is costly but having a baby is priceless.

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