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8 weeks!

I had a songram today at 8 weeks and boy have the babies grown in a week and a half! All looks good…we even got to see one of the baby’s spines (super cool)!

  • Baby A: 8w3d with  a heartrate of 170
  • Baby B: 8w1d with a heartrate of 169

I have now graduated to my OB!!! My doc was very sweet and was genuinely happy for us…the goodbye was a bit emotional! However, I am anxious to call and set up my first OB appointment!

With today’s good news, I have decided to transition to a new blog…I am going to use blogspot because there are more options and I can order a print out of the blog.  There I will post the sonogram pics! Please check out http://perezbebe.blogspot.com/ for further updates.  We will always remember our struggle that I documented here and I do believe it made us stronger, but we now have begun a different journey.  I have appreciated and cherished your comments and support and hope you will continue to follow along.


Hello all!

Hi there! I want to explain a few things first…I initially started this blog when I thought I was pregnant. (I was, but then miscarried due to a “blighted ovum”). I decided to keep the blog and update family and friends on our infertility progress and our exciting (okay, borderline boring) lives!

Infertility is a growing issue that is affecting many women, and if I can help someone by sharing my experiences, I’d be delighted. I have learned so much through others that have shared their own experiences with me, that I feel I should “pay it forward.” I hope you keep reading and I promise not to be too depressing!